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Welcome to the Gas Association of New Zealand (GANZ) website.

GANZ represents companies and organisations in the gas sector involved in the transportation and trading of gas. The full members are: Nova Energy, Powerco, Gasnet, and Vector. Gas equipment suppliers has a group membership and there are a further 23 associate members.

The association’s objectives are to facilitate a safe, effective and sustainable industry. It is a proactive forum that identifies, discusses and resolves issues impacting on the health and sustainable development of the industry.

GANZ’s prime focus is on the safety and technical aspects of the natural gas industry.

GANZ representatives are involved with many organisations on behalf of its members, including: the Gas Safety Forum, New Zealand Utilities Advisory Group, Gas Industry Standards Advisory Group, the Extractive Industries Training Organisation, Energy Safety and the GANZ Technical Advisory Group.

This website is a comprehensive resource for people wanting to know about GANZ and the natural gas industry.

It contains useful information, background material, maps, frequently asked questions and answers and statistics on reserves, production and use of natural gas.

Our latest quarterly Newsletter “National Gas Review” (Summer 2008) is available for download on our Publications page.

Click here to download the CAENZ Report – Understanding the Contribution of Direct Use of Gas to New Zealand’s Future Energy Efficiency Objectives
(.pdf file)

Click here to download the Adendum to the May 2008 CAENZ Report
(.pdf file)