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The Gas Act

The illustration below shows how the regulatory environment covers the activities of the gas sector from transmission to the burner tip.

For free public access to unofficial versions of New Zealand statutes (Public, Local, and Private Acts) and Statutory Regulations, including the Gas Act and Regulations go to www.legislation.govt.nz

Below the illustration are links to relevant regulations.

Gas Legislation

Gas Regulations
The Gas Regulations 1993 can be viewed at the Energy Safety website

Further information on the Gas Regulations (Information Disclosure) 1997 amendments can be found at the Ministry of Economic Development website.

For information on the Building Regulations 1992 please go to the Department of Building and Housing website.

Gas Industry Company
The Gas Industry Company Limited is an industry owned entity established to fulfil the role of the industry body under the Gas Act 1992. The Gas Industry Co, as the industry body, is the co-regulator of the gas industry, working with both the Government and the gas industry to develop outcomes that meet the Government’s policy objectives as stated in the Government’s October 2004 Policy Statement on Gas Governance.

For more information on the Gas Industry Company please go to the their website at www.gasindustrycompany.co.nz

Relevant Industry Legislation, Regulations, Standards and Documents

Gas Amendment Act 2004 (to establish Gas Industry Company)
Gas Act 1992
Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992
Consumer Guarantees Act 1995
Civil Defence and Emergency Management Act 2002
Commerce Act
Fair Trading Act
Building Act 2004
Plumbers Gasfitters and Drainlayers Act 1976
Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act 1996

Gas Regulations 1993 and subsequent Amendment
Gas (Information Disclosure) Regulations 1997
HSE (Pipeline) Regulations 1999
HSNO (Emergency Mgt) Regulations 2001
Building Regulations 1992

GANZ Documents
GANZ Strategic Plan
Environmental Code of Practice
Distribution Services Agreement
Distribution Operations Manual
Appliance Informative Guidelines
Network KPIs

Please find below a list of GANZ Protocols that have been updated. Please note that the previous GIP004 Gas Industry Emergency Response – Code of Co-operation Protocol has been removed and is now covered within the GIP007 Industry Mutual Aid Plan.
GIP001 Gas Industry Disconnection and Reconnection Protocol
GIP002 Gas Industry Event Notification Protocol
GIP003 Gas Industry New Connection Protocol
GIP005 Gas Retailing Protocol
GIP007 Industry Mutual Aid Plan

Codes of Practice
Industry Pipeline Access Code
New Zealand Building Code

Standards NZ (Gas Codes of Practice)
NZS 5442 Gas Specification for Reticulated Natural Gas
NZS 5435 Specification for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)
NZS 5257 Gas Audit Protocol Standard and associated Workbooks
NZS 5258 Gas Distribution Networks
NZS 5259 Gas Measurement
NZS 5261 Gas Installation
NZS 5262 Gas Appliance Safety
NZS 5263 Gas Detection and Odorisation
NZS 5428 Code of Practice for the use of LPG for domestic purposes in caravans and boats
NZ GCP 1 Inspection, Testing and Certification of Gasfitting work done under Supervision
NZ GCP 2 Maintenance and safety of CNG Refuelling Stations
NZ GCP 3 Odorisation of Gas
SNZ HB 2002 Working in the Road

Industry Best Practice Documents
Natural Gas Outage Contingency Plan
Mutual Aid Plan
Metering and Reconciliation Code
System Access Code
Gas Strategic Safety Plan – Delivering Gas – Delivering Safety

Other relevant industry legislation

  • For the Hazardous substances and new organisms Act please refer to the “HZNO website”:http://www.hsno.govt.nz

  • The Environmental Risk Management Authority (ERMA New Zealand) makes decisions on applications to introduce hazardous substances (HS) or new organisms (NO) including genetically modified organisms (GMOs). For further information please go to the ERMA website

  • The Resource Management Act 1991 promotes the sustainable management of natural and physical resources. Its core purpose is to help achieve sustainability in New Zealand.

  • The Local Government Act 2002 provides the general framework and powers under which New Zealand’s 86 democratically elected and accountable local authorities operate

  • The Building Act 2004 ushered in new legislation to govern the building industry from 30 November 2004. The new Building Act aims to improve control of, and encourage better practices in building design and construction.

Legislative activities – currently Energy Safety Review Bill